“The High Cost of Anxiety”

“The High Cost of Anxiety”
Matthew 6:25-34, Philippians 4:4-7
November 25, 2018 PM

Theme: Anxiety and worry are emotions that also destroy us. We must learn
how to cope with them and also to conquer them with real trust in God.
I. Understanding our Worry
A. Worry is blind
B. Worry is Useless
C. Worry is Distrust
D. Therefore, Do NOT Worry or be anxious!
II. Curing Our Worry
A. See FIRST His Kingdom
B. Live One Day at a Time
C. Take everything to God in Prayer
D. Always be Thankful
E. Experience the Peace of God
F. Trust the Lord in everything.
Conclusion: One Word regarding Worry: __________ One Word Prescription: _______________ One Word How: __________