Kids Hope Prayer Partner

I was definitely the new kid. I was anxious that no one would talk to me or that I’d do something silly to make the kids laugh at me. I was nervous that I would forget people’s names or not know how to play any of the games everyone was playing. I watched from the side of the gym. . .jealous of the laughs, jokes and friendships that were evident.

The game ended and the craziness settled down. Everyone paired off, big and little sat together heads bowed over their projects. Some rushed so they could get to the snack more quickly. I wandered around commenting on the nice job they were doing and then the blonde girl wearing braces and purple snow pants smiled at me and said, “Hi!” she had seen me, talked to me. I began to feel comfortable.

The third grader was busy with her friend looking for the perfect Christmas present. At another table a retiree was building a reindeer out of chocolate donuts, pretzels and candy with his friend. Turning around was a young businessman in his thirties with a kindergartner eating their snacks. The amazing time of friendship I was witnessing was the Christmas Party in the gym of our local elementary school where through the Kids Hope Program one child is matched with one mentor from our church.

The different ages, genders, even economic differences didn’t matter, loving care was evident and that was what was the most important. Jesus’ name hadn’t been spoken but he’d been clearly present through the actions and voices of the mentors.

– Prayer Partner for Kids Hope

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