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Nursery is offered during every morning and evening service.  Trained adults & youth will provide a safe, nurturing environment while you worship in the sanctuary.  They will happily play with, change & hold your children, showing them the love of God.  Visitors are always welcome!  We use a number and paging system in case a parent is needed during the service.



God’s Garden is a program offered during the morning service for 2 & 3 year old children. It offers an opportunity for children to grow in a loving, caring environment while learning about God’s love for them.   They will learn Biblical concepts in creative ways that are geared to their age.  Slightly more structured than nursery, the children follow a consistent schedule that includes play time, a Bible story, singing and activity times.



Children’s Worship is for children ages 4 through kindergarten.  The children begin worshiping with their parents and leave partway through the service.  We usually sing a song while the kids come to the front of church and then they go downstairs together after a prayer.  Trained leaders creatively teach who God is and the truths of the Bible using songs, crafts, activities & Bible stories.