We CAN make a difference

“…I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God.” – God

When Pastor Dan Gritter served at Messiah CRC, he invited us to take an active part in supporting the Pro-Life movement, by taking a group of us to the Omega House in Grand Rapids.

The Omega House is a house on Fulton Street next door to the Women’s Clinic, a politically correct name for ‘abortion clinic’. This Omega House is the epicenter for anti-abortion activities.

This is where the sidewalk counselors and sidewalk pray-ers meet to arm themselves in prayer before taking their place on the wall or on the sidewalk.  Healing ministry is available for women who have chosen abortion and struggle with the aftermath of that decision. There is evidence of heart wrenching pain as these women write notes to their aborted babies expressing their remorse and grief, and even give them a name by which they will remember them for the rest of their lives. There are little hearts hanging in the windows to testify to lives that were saved.

Our group from Messiah meets once a month in the prayer room to intercede for all those involve in this horrendous slaughter of human lives. We pray for Dr. Gordon, the abortionist, that the Light of Jesus will penetrate his heart, for the staff who assist him, for the women who come to seek his service, for the babies whom they carry in their womb, for the fathers, who often are nothing more than spectators. We pray for our church, for our government, for our land.

Prayer needs
– ‘Come ye apart and rest a while’ is God’s invitation to Colleen and her family as they enjoy a week vacation. (Colleen is the vivacious director of AWC)

Now let me tell you of an agency that is on the front line of the abortion battle, the Alpha Women’s Center. This agency, occupying a former funeral home is located on S. Division.
The staff and volunteers willingly lay their lives on the line each day as they work in this high risk neighborhood meeting the hurting and deprived women in their needs.

Their motto is “Changing hearts, Changing lives, Changing generations”. They share the hope of Jesus Christ with women facing unplanned pregnancies by affirming and promoting sanctity of human life and by strengthening the family unit through Biblical principles.

The women have access to multiple resources: free ultrasounds and pregnancy testing, counseling and mentoring to guide the women to choose life, physical resources such as diapers, formula, clothing for mother as well as baby, educational opportunities to help the mothers face the work world.

At our last prayer time at AWC, Colleen told us they had performed 13 ultrasounds 19 pregnancy tests in the last month, that is double of what they did a year ago.

Often times we feel helpless, powerless in this abortion conflict. It seems that nothing we do makes a difference, so we do nothing. But we CAN make a difference. We have access to the greatest power in the universe, the Almighty God, the Author of life. And when we pray, when we meet with Him in His Throne Room, He hears and He answers!

I invite you to join us on the second Wednesday of every month as we go to Omega House and Alpha Women’s Center to intercede for those who are actively engaged in this battle for life. God says, “The prayer of a righteous man or woman is powerful and effective.” So, come, help us make a difference.

Prayer needs
– pray that the ultrasounds and pregnancy tests will result in LIFE.
– pray that the budget for next year will be met,
– pray that God will provide housing for the homeless families through His people who have the resources to meet that need. (Over 70 families are homeless in the GR area)

-Dena Baker

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