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Serving Our Community

Community Games is one of the most high energy and exciting times you can imagine! Before the event even begins there is a line of people waiting outside the Hudsonville Fairgrounds waiting to get in for a night of fun, games, free food, entertainment and prizes. Messiah’s youth director Fig wearing all manner of crazy […]

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Kids Hope Prayer Partner

I was definitely the new kid. I was anxious that no one would talk to me or that I’d do something silly to make the kids laugh at me. I was nervous that I would forget people’s names or not know how to play any of the games everyone was playing. I watched from the […]

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Hope Street Prayer Meeting

Pastor Nate and I got out of the mini van and walked up to the unfamiliar house. A woman directed us to the service door and we went in through the spotless garage full of framed pictures drawn by children. We were then met by a little Dutch Grandma with a strong personality, her name […]

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