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Community Games is one of the most high energy and exciting times you can imagine! Before the event even begins there is a line of people waiting outside the Hudsonville Fairgrounds waiting to get in for a night of fun, games, free food, entertainment and prizes. Messiah’s youth director Fig wearing all manner of crazy guises (from a Pirate to Captain America) entertains the growing crowd. Through the fence volunteers in bright red shirts from nine Hudsonville area churches can be seen getting ready.

As the gates open volunteers hand out tickets for free meals and maps. Some kids line up with their families to explore a firetruck, ambulance and school bus. Others make a bee line to pet the critters at the Critter Barn. Families grab their plates of pizza, watermelon and cookies and head to picnic tables to watch others play carnival games run by other volunteers.

In the main exhibit barn a high energy team of break dancers dressed like Super Heros danced to hip hop music and shared their testimonies. Other families browse in another exhibit barn lined with all sorts of tables featuring area ministries. Under a tent a prayer team takes prayer requests and hands out Bibles.

As the night winds down and hundreds and hundreds of kids file out and rows of volunteers hand out bags of school supplies and prizes from drawings claimed. Its always amazing to see more than a hundred volunteers come together to serve the Hudsonville community and share the love of Jesus while having so much fun!

– Community Games Volunteer

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