Kid’s Hope Year End Celebration

God could not have given us a more perfect day for our end of the year celebration!  Students and their mentors had a blast at Sunrise Park participating in a variety of activities—Tail Tag, Water Balloon Relays, a Nature Scavenger Hunt, time on the playground, and a rousing game of Kick Ball!  Some of the students were surprised at how fast and competitive their mentors were!

After an hour of activity at the park, the students and mentors headed back to church to meet the kids’ families  and many of their prayer partners for a delicious cook-out. Close to 100 people were served by our Outreach Committee.  For most mentors this was the first opportunity they’ve had to meet their student’s family.  It was such an encouragement to be able to connect with them and catch a glimpse into that aspect of the student’s  life.

For me, the best part of the celebration was sitting back and reflecting on the fact that through one hour a week God brought all these people together.  I watched 20 kids with eager eyes peering out of the church van searching for their mentor as we pulled up at the park.  I saw high-fives, hugs, hand-shakes, smiles, and belly-laughs exchanged.  I saw 20 students interacting with their “special friend” and I saw hope and joy on their faces because of it.  Praise God for the ministry of Kids Hope!

– Lea Oosterheert, KHUSA Director

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