Hope Street Prayer Meeting

Pastor Nate and I got out of the mini van and walked up to the unfamiliar house. A woman directed us to the service door and we went in through the spotless garage full of framed pictures drawn by children. We were then met by a little Dutch Grandma with a strong personality, her name is Fran. Not knowing what to expect we slipped off our shoes and joined her and another neighbor in the warm living room.

We’d entered the Hope Street Prayer Meeting. Fran’s passion is for her neighbors, her calling is prayer. She let us know quite firmly that it was a prayer meeting not a coffee time or time for visiting and gossip. For more than a year and a half Fran has gone monthly to each address on Hope Street meeting neighbors, asking for prayer requests and then faithfully praying weekly. Sometimes she prays alone and other times joined by some neighbors.

We were privileged to join her for a powerful time of prayer following the outline of the Lord’s Prayer. Her prayer list was lengthy and complete. She’d taken the time to meet each neighbor, knew them by name, knew their stories, joys and struggles. As we prayed, her concern and love for each family, both old and new to the street, were evident.

That night another nearby street had a person sneaking around looking in windows. Was it a coincidence that it wasn’t Hope Street? I think, “No”. It was an answer to our prayers for a hedge of protection and safety around the neighbors on Hope Street.
Just a few days later at Family Fare I saw a cashier who lives on Hope. I went through her lane, smiled and told her I was really glad to see her. I’d been reminded that not only did Fran and I know her by name but so did her heavenly Father.
I’m thankful for a neighborhood like this to be the home of our church and our family. I hope that this section of Hope Street continues to be blessed by God through the prayers of Fran and those with her. I also hope we are all inspired to more faithfully remember our neighbors and neighborhoods in our prayers.
 – Rebecca VanderMolen
   Neighbor on Hope Street
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