Serving Our Community

Community Games is one of the most high energy and exciting times you can imagine! Before the event even begins there is a line of people waiting outside the Hudsonville Fairgrounds waiting to get in for a night of fun, games, free food, entertainment and prizes. Messiah’s youth director Fig wearing all manner of crazy […]

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Kids Hope Prayer Partner

I was definitely the new kid. I was anxious that no one would talk to me or that I’d do something silly to make the kids laugh at me. I was nervous that I would forget people’s names or not know how to play any of the games everyone was playing. I watched from the […]

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Hope Street Prayer Meeting

Pastor Nate and I got out of the mini van and walked up to the unfamiliar house. A woman directed us to the service door and we went in through the spotless garage full of framed pictures drawn by children. We were then met by a little Dutch Grandma with a strong personality, her name […]

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We CAN make a difference

“…I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God.” – God When Pastor Dan Gritter served at Messiah CRC, he invited us to take an active part in supporting the Pro-Life movement, by […]

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Check out what happens in God’s Garden!

God’s Garden Video We have so much going on downstairs during the services!  This video highlights God’s Garden.  God’s Garden is a program offered during the morning service for 2 & 3 year old children. It offers an opportunity for children to grow in a loving, caring environment while learning about God’s love for them.  […]

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Kid’s Hope Year End Celebration

God could not have given us a more perfect day for our end of the year celebration!  Students and their mentors had a blast at Sunrise Park participating in a variety of activities—Tail Tag, Water Balloon Relays, a Nature Scavenger Hunt, time on the playground, and a rousing game of Kick Ball!  Some of the […]

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Holly talks about her new Post High position

I recently came on staff part time here at Messiah and so far it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. The congregation and other staff members here have been so encouraging and so supportive of the visions that I have for the post high members of our church. One way that the congregation has […]

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God’s Calling

One of the great things about youth ministry is seeing how students respond to God’s call on their life – not just how they respond to a specific call, but how they respond to the entire concept of calling. We had a visitor come to youth group earlier this month. He is a student at […]

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Katie’s story about serving in God’s Garden

“This morning I had the awesome privilege of teaching ‘God’s Garden,’ the toddler class at church. The planning and prep was all done for me, but I still was nervous…both of my kids were also going to be in there with me – mom to teacher doesn’t always go well, but this morning was beautiful. […]

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