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Please see our most recent information here.

Does the church office have your current email address? If we don’t have it or if it has recently changed, we would like to update things here in the office. You can send it to office.messiahcrc@gmail.com. You can also be added to our Friday email list to receive a weekly email which includes the coming Sunday’s bulletin, along with missionary newsletters, etc.

Office Hours
The Church Building is closed.  Please contact Fig with any office related questions.

Welcome Visitors!
We are glad to have you join us in worshiping Christ together today. We invite you to wear a name tag (found on the back ledge or in the Fellowship Registers) so we can better connect with you during our Fellowship/Coffee time following the service. Ready for a more permanent, printed name tag? Please contact the office.

Neighborhood Prayer Focus 
Summer Ave, Autumn Ave & Ct.

Budge Approval
Voting to approve Messiah’s 2020/2021 Budget Normally Messiah CRC votes to approve its 2020/2021 budget at a congregational meeting. However, due to Covid-19, we will be voting either online or through mailed absentee ballots. If Messiah has your e-mail address, you have received an e-mail for online voting. If Messiah does not have your e-mail address, you will be mailed an absentee ballot. The deadline for Messiah to count your vote is June 8, 2020. Please give this opportunity prayerful consideration.

Please keep the re-opening committee in your prayers.  

Offerings during CV Shutdown: Please continue to send in your offerings through the mail or sign up for Breeze to give electronically. You may contact Fig for assistance with your Breeze account – fig.messiahcrc@gmail.com 

Counseling Needed?
Messiah CRC is part of the Church Assistance Program at Pine Rest. This offers our members many benefits, one of them being that you may see a counselor up to 3 times/year for free. To use this confidential service simply call 616-455-6210, say that you are from Messiah CRC and would like to schedule an appointment. Feel free to contact Pastor Nate with any ?’s.

Help Needed
Love INC has opportunities to volunteer, give donations, and also receive
available resources if you need them. Click for more information on immediate needs.

MOMS Ministry
We are still looking for people who are willing to be an encourager to a single mom in our MOMS Ministry. There are six moms who would appreciate a card or 2. Call Jane Dyk 616.379.1219 for more info.

The TRIP program is here to raise money for families that struggle with the cost of Christian School. Order forms are on the back ledge. Talk to Mary Soodsma if you have any questions.

Coming Up
Online Services

Office Hours
Monday & Friday, 9am – 1pm,  Tuesday – Thursday, 9am – 4pm 
Note: Pastor Nate’s day off is Monday.

Weekly Email Updates
Don’t get the weekly church emails?  Send an email requesting them to office.messiahcrc@gmail.com

Paper Gator
Don’t forget about our Paper Gator, ready to receive your recyclable paper (newsprint, office paper, catalogs, magazines, phone books; NO cardboard of any kind, plastics or metal). The environment is happier and Messiah gets the profit!

The Fireside Room (located at the top of the stairs by the parking lot)
Available every Sunday during church services as a convenient place to quiet small children, feed a baby, etc. Audio from the services is played through a speaker in the room – a dial on the wall near the light switch controls the volume.