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Summary for Gatherings/Facility Use (Updated March 6, 2022):
-Masks are optional for our entire facility.
-The Youth Room will be used to accommodate sanctuary attendance overflow and will have spaced seating.
-Offertory plates will be passed, but for weeks where there is more than offering, all givings will be collected in the same plate. All loose cash gifts will go to the General Fund. Please use your giving envelopes. (Blank envelopes are available in the narthex).
-The facility is open for special events, including those requiring food service.
-All church programs held on Sunday and those scheduled during the week will be available.

Welcome Visitors!
We are glad to have you join us in worshiping Christ together today. Please use the QR code on the back of the bulletin to leave your contact info or get more information. We invite you to wear a name tag (found on the back ledge or in the Fellowship Registers) so we can better connect with you during our Fellowship/Coffee time following the service. Ready for a more permanent, printed name tag? Please contact the office.

Pastor Nate is on sabbatical through August. If you have any pastoral needs contact Pastor Gale.

July 3 Evening Service
We will be having a combined service AT Hillcrest.

July 10, Evening Service
Brenda Vander Schuur will be sharing about her work after service. We will also enjoy an ice cream social.

Alpha Diaper Drive
During the month of July, our church and 20 other churches and organizations will be collecting diapers for Alpha Grand Rapids. The goal is to collect 50,000 diapers. The drop off location is in the narthex.

Tuesdays @ Hughes 
Attention Middle School and High School Youth: This July look for Fig at Hughes Park in Hudsonville every Tuesday from 1:00-4:00 pm. He will be near the Pavilion/Disc Golf area. If you are looking for something to do, Hughes has a great Disc Golf course, areas for setting up Hammocks and more. He will have a cooler of cold pop/juice. Stop in anytime to visit or hang out. Bring your own discs/hammock/etc. Come and go as you please. Friends are welcome!

M.I.S.T. (Seniors) Breakfast
Wednesday, July 6, 8:30 am at Russ

Fig will be out of the office/on vacation from June 25-July 3 for the Mission trip.

We’ve added some additional Handicap parking spaces to our parking lot, with some spaces also designated ‘Van Accessible’. PLEASE extend courtesy and leave these spaces for those who need them. Valet parking is also available every Sunday.

Service Time Change
Thanks for your many responses to the survey regarding moving the time of the evening service. They have been taken into consideration, and due to an overwhelming majority, Council has decided to move our evening service to 5 pm starting September 11.

Save the Date!
We will be celebrating the completion of the Belong, Grow, Serve campaign here at Messiah on September 28, 2022!

Family Fare Receipts for Education:
You can help Hudsonville Christian School by saving your receipts and placing them in the designated mailbox (below the staff mailboxes.) *Please make sure you have the entire receipt. Hudsonville Christian gets a check with a portion of the amount back from Family Fare when the total reaches a certain level. If you have any questions contact Mary Soodsma at 616- 915-8832.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
The women of Messiah have lovingly knitted these shawls with prayer, and are meant to be given to those who have had surgery, are in recovery, or hurting in any way. We hope these shawls will be a way to share God’s love, hope and peace. The basket is located under the table outside of the office. Feel free to take one (or more!) to bless someone in need. *There is a note to be included on top of the shawls.

Song Suggestions?
There is a song suggestion box on the table outside of the office next to the prayer bowl. Please include your name so Emily can follow up with you if needed.

Coming Soon
7.3 AM – Pastor Gale
7.3 PM – Combined service at Hillcrest
7.10 AM – Cal Alderink
7.10 PM – Jeff Weima

7.3 –  General Fund & Faith Promise
7.10 – General Fund & CEF

7.3 – (at Hillcrest)
7.10 – HY5 Youth Ministries

NOTE: Offertory plates will be passed, but for weeks where there is more than offering, all givings will be collected in the same plate. All loose cash gifts will go to the General Fund. Please use your giving envelopes (Blank envelopes are available in the narthex).

Neighborhood Prayer Focus 
Springdale Street
Counseling Needed?
Messiah CRC is part of the Church Assistance Program at Pine Rest. This offers our members many benefits, one of them being that you may see a counselor up to 3 times/year for free. To use this confidential service simply call 616-455-6210, say that you are from Messiah CRC and would like to schedule an appointment. Feel free to contact Pastor Nate with any ?’s.
The TRIP program is here to raise money for families that struggle with the cost of Christian School. This is money that cost you nothing more than the face value of the gift cards. The merchants give this money back to us. Consider participating in TRIP if you are not currently in the program. Order forms are in the information rack outside of the office. Contact Mary Soodsma if you have any questions, 616-915-8832.
Office Hours
Summer Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 am-noon.
Note: Pastor Nate’s day off is Monday.
Weekly Email Updates
Don’t get the weekly church emails?  Send an email requesting them to office.messiahcrc@gmail.com
Paper Gator
Don’t forget about our Paper Gator, ready to receive your recyclable paper (newsprint, office paper, catalogs, magazines, phone books; NO cardboard of any kind, plastics or metal). The environment is happier and Messiah gets the profit!